Tattooed Toddler Video Viral: Footage Of Tattooed Little Boy Holding A Gun And Cursing Sparks Outrage

A disturbing video featuring a tattooed 2-year-old boy has gone viral on Facebook. Although the footage was uploaded months ago, many viewers are still outraged by the shocking content. In the one-minute video, a shirtless toddler with tattoos on his face and chest can be seen holding a water-gun and shouting expletives.

According to Mad World News, the video was originally uploaded to World Star Hip Hop and re-shared on Vine’s Facebook page. It has been shared more than 51,000 times. Needless to say, the thousands of viewers who commented were quite outraged by what they saw. While some viewers did find the little boy’s actions comical, the vast majority of the viewers were quite appalled. Many wondered why his parents would allow such actions.

“How disgusting!!! This is what we teach our children then wonder why we grow up killing each other!!! No self value.. So embarrassing,” one Facebook user said.

“Anyone who thinks this is funny is a f—ing moron and is the problem with this country,” said Facebook user Jeff Jewett.

Another Facebook user also shed light on the evolution of ignorance and the possibilities that could follow when actions like this are endorsed by parents. “Ignorance turns into “cute” or “adorable” thing you’re crying as you’re walking out of the prison from seeing this little boy who’s grown up to be a criminal. That’s when you drop your head and ask God why!?…question is why do you implant such disgusting, negativity in a child who has no mind of his own smh!”

“Wats sad is that he keeps lookin at whoever has the camera for approval. and he keeps getting smiles and laughter back so he keeps going. poor kid doesn’t even stand a chance with parents like these. they are trying to make him this way, and poor kid cant do anything about it cuz he doesn’t kno any better,” another Facebook user said.

[Image via Facebook]