‘The Originals’ Spoilers: What’s Next For Rebekah After The Midseason Finale Twist?

It was quite a midseason finale for the Mikaelson family on The Originals. Klaus and Hayley reunited with baby Hope, and they, along with Rebekah and Elijah, who the Inquisitr previously reported wasn’t quite himself, had a few quiet moments before everything went to hell. By the end of it, another sibling was in a different body.

According to Entertainment Weekly, “the moment the entire season had been building toward” came when most of the Originals siblings reunited to stop their mother. They made a deal with Kol: he’ll get the diamond Klaus stole from him back in 1914 and he’ll find a new body for Rebekah so Cami isn’t in danger. The plan was for Rebekah to take Esther’s deal and to take Esther down during the spell.

Things didn’t go according to plan, with Esther revealing that she made a deal with Mikael so he could kill Klaus, but Klaus stabbed his mother in the neck when Davina used her magic to keep Cami safe, and then both blondes collapsed. Cami came to, still Cami, but Rebekah came to in the body of one of the witches locked in a house thanks to Klaus and Marcel in 1914. But that’s not all. See, the Originals siblings had another plan for their mother, as Rebekah slipped some of her blood into Esther’s drink, and so when Klaus stabbed her and killed her, she was turned and left with a decision: “be the thing [she hates] the most or [she] can be dead.” It’s a choice she never gave her children.

Oh, and Elijah and Hayley had sex. But it came after he told her to marry Jackson, so it’s not exactly all good news. The problem is, Hayley marrying Jackson helps out everyone because it saves her wolves and is a step towards them being able to bring Hope home.

The Originals executive producer Michael Narducci spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about what’s coming up next and explained that another sibling had to end up in another body “in order for that threat to have any teeth,” and it only made sense for it to happen to Rebekah.

“She has always been the one who said she wants to be cured from vampirism. She wants to be mortal so she can experience a human life and have a family, and maybe this is the best thing in the world for her. On the other hand, it’s definitely a cautionary tale of being careful what you wish for, because after a thousand years, I think Rebekah takes for granted vampire strength, vampire speed, vampire invulnerability and just the safety that comes with being immortal.”

The end of The Originals midseason finale did see Rebekah trapped in the body of one of the witches, and Narducci said that that puts her in a place where she is going to have to rely on other skills to survive.

“At the end of this episode, we [found] Rebekah in a very dangerous place, trapped in a body that is all too vulnerable and mortal. And the threats that she is going to be facing, she is going to have to use her wits and her strength of character, instead of her speed, and her vampire strength.”

For a while, it’s going to be a matter of finding out where Rebekah is and who will rescue her, her siblings or Rebekah herself? They’ll then have to figure out how to deal with having Rebekah in a new body, and Narducci teased that “this new body might be able to contribute to the family’s [fight] of Dahlia.” Of course, the big question is whether Rebekah will ever return to her body and therefore, whether Claire Holt will return to The Originals. According to the executive producer, it’s always possible that she’ll be back, especially since her body hasn’t been destroyed.

“There’s absolutely the possibility she would return. We definitely want to continue to use Claire. We absolutely will use her in flashbacks in the way we’ve continued to use Nathaniel Buzolic in flashbacks, even though in the present day, Kol is in another body.”

If you can’t wait to get a look at what’s coming up when The Originals returns in 2015, watch the promo for episode 210, “Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire” below. Can vampires and werewolves unite? Finn doesn’t think so. Plus, get a look at what’s going on with Rebekah in her new body, another great Klaus threat and more.

The Originals season 2 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on the CW. It returns on January 19.

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