T-Mobile 4G Smartphone Upgrades To Receive Square Card Reader

T-Mobile customers who are willing to upgrade their Smartphone or cell phone to a 4G device may soon be able to receive a free Square credit card reader with their upgrade.

Also featuring discounted service rates the new 4G offering is meant to target business users who can benefit by offering mobile credit card payments from their Square card reader and accompanying 4G smartphone.

While Square is a relatively new credit card services provider they recently made huge strides by having their credit card reader places in thousands of retail locations including nationwide Best Buy and Target stores.

If you’re unfamiliar with Square the small dongle from the device plugs into a Smartphones headphone jack through a 3.5mm jack, allowing credit cards to be swiped and charged via iOS and Google Android based devices.

Last year the Square service processed an estimated $2 billion in transactions for which Square earned a flat 2.75% flat fee per transaction which is added to each card payment. The company’s service can also be used with receipt printers and cash drawers to create a truly functional mobile experience.

Along with their 4G upgrade T-Mobile is also expected to bring back unlimited talk, text and data for $70 per month with the signing of a two-year contract.

This could be a big win for T-Mobile and Square if enough business customers find the deal appealing. Are you willing to upgrade your current phone to a 4G Smartphone if it comes with a Square reader and lowered pricing plans?