‘The Voice’ Top 3: Is The Use Of Popular Songs Hurting ‘Voice’ Contestants?

Fans of NBC’s The Voice are set to lose a favorite tomorrow. Likely because not everyone will be able to take advantage of that iTunes multiplier.

And there’s a good reason for that: A number of iTunes singles featuring Voice contestants are in direct competition with the ORIGINAL song and or artist.

For instance, guest Voice coach Taylor Swift has had a choke-hold on the number one spot with “Blank Space.” She just entered the Top 10 with “Shake It Off”.

Guess which Voice contestant is not in iTunes Top 10 despite covering her last night? Taylor John Williams.

Music fans (and perhaps even the voting Voice audience) seem to prefer the original artist…and that could spell doom for Williams.

Meanwhile, Voice hopeful Matt McAndrew is in competition with Ed Sheeran, who enjoyed a healthy boost after Matt performed “Make It Rain” on The Voice Monday night.

Hozier’s “Take Me To Church”, which Matt also performed on The Voice a few weeks back, is still sitting in the Top 10.

Between popular artists getting boosts from having their songs appear on the show or enjoying exposure due to themselves appearing on the show, how much room does that leave for Voice singers to collect that Top 10 bonus?

Luckily for Voice contestant Craig Wayne Boyd he opted to go the very Christian country music route with “Old Rugged Cross”. Notice how high he is on iTunes? Notice that there is no other version of that song to compete with?

There have been great song selections thus far. It’s hard to argue that the songs selected this week were necessarily bad.

However, everyone looking to stay has only a few short hours to be certain they collect a vital bonus, one that will assure they stay in the competition.

Although a couple of obvious Voice favorites are poised to collect bonuses (Craig Wayne Boyd, Matt McAndrew), one former front runner finds himself in serious danger (Taylor John Williams), and the guy who was previously the weak link has morphed into the dark horse (Chris Jamison).

In fact only Damien Lawson is clearly the odd man out according to iTunes.

His version of “She’s Out Of My Life” appears at No. 27, further behind his Voice competition, and “I Don’t Want To Wait” didn’t even crack the Top 50 on iTunes.

He will likely be singing for his life in the “Wildcard” round.

As for which semi-finalist on The Voice will join him…it’s a toss up between Taylor John Williams and Chris Jamison. Although, don’t be surprised if Jamison proves to be the upset we were due for in Season 7.

The one that made this “Wildcard” round remotely necessary.

Do you think Voice artists are better off using popular songs or is there a danger in using a song that’s too popular?

[Image Credit: The Voice Official YouTube]