News Host Mika Brzezinski Loses Her Cool, Runs Out Of Studio When She Learns What A ‘Furry’ is

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski learned what a “Furry” is for the first time during a live broadcast Monday, and as the above video shows, she couldn’t deal with it.

Brzezinski was reporting on the chlorine gas attack at a Chicago Furry convention over the weekend and, not knowing exactly what a Furry is, was obviously having a hard time giving an informed report. The real fun begins at :24, when the report cuts to TV footage of adults dressed in animal costumes congregating around on the street. Apparently, seeing the costumes was too much for Brzezinski, and she struggles to get her words out without laughing.

MSNBC "Morning Joe" host Mika Brzezinski.

Apparently, Brzezinski’s laughter was infectious because you can hear the sounds of cameramen, producers, and c0-host Joe Scarborough giggling as the news anchor valiantly soldiers on with the report.

If you’re like Mika Brzezinski and aren’t exactly clear on what a Furry is, it’s a person who identifies with so-called “Furry Fandom” – that is, art, literature, and costumed role-play based on anthropomorphic animals. At least 19 people attending Furfest, an annual Furry convention in Chicago, were sickened after a chlorine gas attack at the hotel where many of the convention attendees were staying.

Despite the rather serious nature of the report, Brzezinski, after getting brought up to speed on Furries off-camera, simply can’t contain her laughter any more and runs off the set.

As of this post, Mika Brzezinski has not yet publicly responded to the incident.

[Images courtesy of and New York Post]