Bionic Bra That Automatically Reconfigures Its Shape For Wearer And Situation Nearing Completion, Confirm Scientists

Alap Naik Desai

Scientists are quite close to developing a bra that automatically senses the wearer's size and shape and adjusts itself for various situations and activities that the wearer may be involved in.

The woman's brassier or as it commonly referred to as a bra has been one of the most critical undergarments for the fairer gender, owing to the duties it performs. However, shopping for a bra has always been a gigantic pain, claim women. To a large extent, their anguish is quite understandable since no bra offers that perfect snug fit. Apart from slight imperfections in fit, they are quite awkward to deal with on their best days and extremely uncomfortable on their worst.

Thankfully, while other scientists are busy imparting color-changing ability or adding heart rate monitors to bras, a bunch of them are addressing the core issue – making a bra that that's both functional and comfortable no matter the situation or size.

A group of scientists led by Professor Gordon Wallace and Professor Julie Steele over at the University of Wollongong in Australia have just come up with the first prototype of what they refer to as the Bionic Bra. Though the team has been working on the technology for the past 15 years, they claim the technology has only recently caught up to their vision.

The Bionic Bra is essentially a smart garment outfitted with always-on and aware components like actuators and sensors. These impart not just a sense of active awareness to the bra, but also allow it to automatically tighten or loosen depending on breast movement, reported Geek. For example, when out for a leisurely stroll, the bra will be relaxed, but when you are jogging on a treadmill, it will constrict, restricting the freedom of the breasts.

The Bionic Bra integrates modern-day sensing materials, including newly developed customized fibers. These fibers are "knitted" into wearable structures. The sensing components instantly detect when a women's breast starts to move more or faster. In simpler terms, the bra will automatically and instantly readjust if you jump on your feet and start running, say to catch a bus, reported Gizmag.

Despite the huge potential, the Bionic Bra isn't ready for the market, caution the creators. Indeed, the bra presently resembles the Kevlar bullet-proof vests that law-enforcement officers wear, but they are nearing the goal, said Professor Steele,

"Although we have made substantial progress, we still have a way to go before the Bionic Bra can be taken from the bench top to the washing machine. However, when finished, the Bionic Bra will transform bra design. We're already imagining a future where we can seamlessly transition from work to workout with less hassle, and perhaps someday -- someday! -- we can find a bra that actually fits. We can dream."

[Image Credit | University of Wollongong]