Kate Middleton Gets Mistaken For 'Frozen' Princess, Meets Beyonce And Jay Z At NBA Game

Treva Bowdoin

Kate Middleton always looks cool, but the Duchess of Cambridge does not have icy powers.

As you likely know, Prince William and his wife are currently visiting New York, and the Duchess of Cambridge has been doing a little do-gooding while they're in town. One stop on Kate Middleton's itinerary was to the Northside Center for Child Development in Harlem. The children who receive help from the center were told in advance that a princess was coming to meet them on Monday, so naturally they assumed that they were going to meet Princess Elsa from Disney's Frozen.

Luckily, the kids weren't upset when they saw that the Duchess of Cambridge didn't have platinum blonde hair or a sparkly blue dress, and they didn't ask where Olaf was -- they were just thrilled to meet a real princess.

Rose Ann Harris, director of early childhood services, talked to the Mirror about how the children's Frozen fever caused a royal mix-up.

"They thought she was the Princess from Frozen. When they heard she was coming they thought it was Elsa -- we said a Princess and they got a Princess. The visit meant everything to the children, they were thrilled and it acknowledges all the hard work of the staff."

"Do you really like Frozen?" she asked a group of young princess fans.

Middleton visited with the kids while they decorated picture frames, and she cheekily tasked on boy with putting stickers on one of his friends. The Duchess also helped out by wrapping a few Christmas gifts for disadvantaged children.

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The royal couple also posed for a photo with another member of American royalty, King James. LeBron gifted Kate Middleton and Prince William with an adorable mini Cleveland Cavaliers jersey adorned with Prince George's name.

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