Charlize Theron Laughs Off Sean Penn Cheating Scandal With 'Hot' Woman

Charlize Theron must have been extremely confused when she heard of a tabloid claiming her boyfriend, Sean Penn, was cheating on her.

The tabloid, claiming to have proof in the form of prying eyes, said Penn was with an attractive woman entering a hotel together. Sean Penn was cheating on Charlize Theron with a "hot" woman in her 20s, who was tall and had short hair, according to In Case You Didn't Know.

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn

According to a source at the hotel, it was quite obvious Sean wanted to get his beautiful lover upstairs as soon as possible.

"You could tell from their body language that they looked like they were hooking up. Sean Penn doesn't hold hands with just anyone! He looked nervous when he saw me next to him at the front desk, so he started to ask the attendant to hurry to give him his key."
The same source also claimed there was a high level of sexual tension in the air between Penn and his replacement for Charlize Theron.
"It looked like there was a lot of sexual chemistry between them. He was holding her hand real tight. I don't think they were going up to the room to play chess, that's for sure!"
The mistaken tabloid mentioned Penn checked into the Sunset Tower hotel in Los Angeles on November 14, a day that Charlize knew very well. It was the day Charlize was with her boyfriend on a little private getaway, and she was actually the one with Penn.

According to Business Standard, Theron and Penn decided to go to the Sunset Tower hotel to spend some alone time away from Theron's two-year-old son and her mother, who was visiting from South Africa.

A source who is supposedly close to Charlize Theron told In Case You Didn't Know that Charlize needs to keep an eye on Penn.

"Charlize has every reason in the world to worry about Sean straying," the source revealed. "He's done it before, and he'll probably do it again. That's just in his nature. He'll never change, no matter how much she might hope!"
If the source is actually a close friend, Theron reportedly found the entire incident very funny and didn't jump to conclusions, according to DNA. Charlize Theron was supposedly happy and cool about the incident in which her boyfriend was cheating with a 20-something who actually turned out to be herself.

[Images via and Kevin Mazur/Getty Images]