Sales of fake pregnancy bellies soar in China

I am pretty sure that even with China’s notoriety regarding knock-offs, and extremely cheap ones at that, this wasn’t exactly a headline you would be expecting. However it seems that like with most other things we can buy online China is now taking the lead with fake pregnancy bellies.

The bellies come in three sizes, making it easier to be convincing I guess, and are made out of silica gel. Apparently the silica gel gives a much more natural appearance and feel. It also makes them a lot more comfortable to wear according to some of the online companies selling them.

At this point it seems that these fake pregnancy bellies are being bought by actors, by those wanting to know what being pregnant feels like, and of course those looking to pull some kind of practical joke on someone.

Of course you know it is just a short period of time now before some lunatic buys one so they can convince everyone they are pregnant and then go steal someone’s baby. Either that or try to always get a seat on the bus.

via Oddity Central