Singer Drake Hospitalized By Diddy’s Beat Down At Art Basel

Did Diddy and Drake get into a brawl at Art Basel? That’s the news that’s buzzing all over social media. Some said the fight was so bad that Drake was carted off to the hospital.

According to the New York Daily News, Diddy punched Drake in the face at a birthday bash at Art Basel for DJ Khaled. Others said the fight went down after the R&B singer was spotted flirting with Diddy’s girlfriend, Cassie. The pummel was so bad that sources said Drake’s shoulder was dislocated.

Another report about the fight claimed that Diddy was sticking up for his 28-year-old girlfriend Cassie when Drake made a suggestive comment about her.

According to Ray LeMoine, the editor for Bullett magazine, “Drake definitely got the s–t kicked out of him.”

The editor had departed LIV but then heard from friends who texted him that witnessed the brawl.

“I heard they were taking him to the hospital,” said LeMoine.

Now that word is out about Diddy and Drake’s brawl, many are stated it was no contest, and Diddy showed Drake who’s boss. Despite a mix of stories that Drake made a comment to Cassie and others that he was flirting with her, multiple accounts all line up with the same aftermath.

DJ Sam Sneak detailed his account on Twitter, which is where all the buzz about the fight is going down.

“Diddy put hands on that boy.. And he ain’t go 0-100..That boy left.”

He continued in a separate tweet.

“Drake at the hospital smh. He dislocated his shoulder. Yall pray for Drake.”

“@RelaxItsJustTig: Damn so I guess Diddy did Slap Drake and send him to the hospital…smh” yes!!! Lol

— ستيفاني (@RapSkateSleep) December 8, 2014

While most people hinted Diddy’s girlfriend Cassie had something to do with the fight, others believed Diddy started his attack on Drake due to rights over a song. Either way, Drake didn’t stay for long after the fight, while Diddy seemed unfazed and continued to party into the night.

LIV has not commented about the fight between Drake and Diddy.

In happier times.

Of course a meme or two have been created to commemorate the fight.

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