Karlie Kloss Kissing Swift: Grammy Noms Bogged Down By Kissing Rumors, Swift’s Rep Responds

A photo that some say shows Karlie Kloss kissing Swift has pretty much gone viral, but did the two friends actually lock lips? A rep for Taylor Swift has spoken out about the photo (and there is a Vine video now too), and has said that the rumors aren’t true, and that what happened that night isn’t what it seems. According to the New York Daily News, Swift’s rep wasn’t too thrilled to battle such silly rumors, when she should be discussing something much more exciting.

“It’s sad that on the day it’s announced Taylor has three Grammy nominations for ‘Shake It Off,’ I have to shake off this crap,” the rep said.

Karlie Kloss kissing Swift has been the topic of plenty of conversations on the internet for days. However, if you really look at the video, you can tell that Kloss was grabbing Swift to tell her something. The two were in a loud club, and it looks like Kloss grabs Swift’s head to yell something in her ear. Unfortunately, that motion looks like the two actually made out, which has caused a sort of mass freakout.

Taylor Swift has been linked to a few people recently, but she has said that she is single. She seems really focused on her music right now, gearing up for a huge tour in 2015. However, she has taken notice when it comes to people talking about her love life… same sex or otherwise. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Swift responded to the rumors herself, and asked that people stop thinking that she’s hooking up with her friends.

As my 25th birthday present from the media, I’d like for you to stop accusing all my friends of dating me. #thirsty

— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) December 8, 2014

According to Gossip Cop, Swift’s rep also called the rumors “hilarious.” The site confirms that the girls were just trying to have a conversation, and nothing more.

“There’s nothing ‘#confirmed’ about the alleged makeout session. Swift and Kloss are good pals who have held hands in public and been affectionate toward each other countless times. While the hazy photos from Thursday show Swift and Kloss embracing and it looks like they could be kissing, they actually were just trying to hear each other in the midst of a loud concert.”

[Photo courtesy of The Guardian]