Coca-Cola Formula Goes on Display at Museum, Ingredients Remain Hidden

Coca-Cola moved its famous secret formula from the bank vault where it has been stored since 1925 to the World of Coca-Cola museum in downtown Atlanta. But even though the secret formula will be the centerpiece of the museum, the ingredients will remain hidden.

The Washington Post reports that Coca-Cola will display a new vault containing the recipe at the World of Coca-Cola museum. So fans won’t actually be able to see the secret formula.

CEO Muhtar Kent told employees and city and state officials said at the exhibits unveiling:

“The time has come for our secret formula to come back home.”

According to Reuters, Coca-Cola’s secret formula is making its journey to the World of Coca-Cola Museum to celebrate the company’s 125th anniversary. The exhibit will be called The Vault of the Secret Formula.

Attendees to the ribbon cutting ceremony watched a video of Kent as he placed a metal box, which supposedly contained the recipe, into a five-foot tall vault.

Coca-Cola’s secret formula has been stored at the SunTrust Bank in Atlanta for more than 86-years. This is the first time that Coca-Cola has ever removed the recipe from its well-protected location.

Do you have any interest in seeing The Vault of the Secret Formula? Have you ever been to the World of Coca-Cola Museum?

Coke fans may flock to the museum to catch a glimpse of the box containing the box that contains the company’s secret formula, but they weren’t too happy about another recent decision by Coca-Cola. Seriously, white Coke cans?