Hunter Kills 8-Point Antlered Doe: Rare Doe With Antlers Shot In Kansas [Video]

A hunter killed an 8-point antlered doe over the weekend in Sedgwick County, Kansas. The man thought he was aiming at a buck when he pulled the trigger and shot the animal, but what he shot instead was a rare doe with eight antlers.

Eyewitness News 12 reports that Chuck Rorie and his friend, Anthony Youngers, traveled from North Carolina to Kansas for a hunting trip. When they were in the process of skinning the deer, they discovered it was a doe. Rorie was proud of the kill.

“I’m going to have it mounted and I’ll be able to tell everybody that it was a doe.”

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“I knew at that point we had something pretty rare,” said Youngers.

Rorie says he can now “tell everybody back home that I killed a doe with more horns than most of the deer they kill.”

There’s a one in 5,000 chance of hunters killing an 8-antlered doe. The Wichita Eagle adds in its coverage of the story that Missouri-based biologist, Grant Woods, has studied whitetail deer and hosts a TV show on deer management. He says the odds are much greater.

“I think the last number I heard at a scientific meeting was something like one in about 10,000 will have antlers. It’s rare, but it’s certainly going to happen.”

The doe Rorie shot weighed 225 pounds and came with a “score of 114 7/8,” according to Eyewitness News 7.

The Kansas Fish and Game Commission accounts for does with antlers. Some bucks have hormonal issues where they never grow antlers. In this case, the doe had a hormonal imbalance due to having unusually more testosterone than average female deer. Does with those kinds of conditions don’t typically shed their antlers the way males do.

This hunting season has seen more than its share of uncommon does being shot and killed. In November, news spread quickly of a unicorn deer being shot on accident by a hunter in Slovania. Not long after that, a girl in Washington shot a unicorn deer. The Inquisitr wrote on both stories. Those types of does are hardly ever seen and it’s a deformity in which two antlers fuse together and appear as one antler on the deer’s head.

Chuck Rorie says a lot of people in North Carolina will be impressed he killed an 8-antlered doe. He says not even the state’s biggest bucks have the size of antlers the doe he shot has.

[Image via The Wichita Eagle]