Ferguson Aftermath: Business Owners Talk Life After Riots, Reveal Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, And Al Sharpton Never Reached Out To Them

Distressed Ferguson business owners are all struggling to recover from the aftermath of the riots that ripped through the city following the grand jury’s decision regarding the controversial death of Michael Brown.

Needless to say, the road to recovery will be quite long, as many business owners are left to pick up the pieces of what use to be their thriving establishments. However, apparently there’s one question still looming as the controversy continues. Since business owners feel they are also “victims” as a result of this ordeal, they’re asking Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, “What about us?”

Fox News recently aired an exclusive segment that shed light on the uphill recovery battle most business owners are currently fighting. The business owners sat down with Fox News contributor David Webb for an exclusive interview. During the discussion, notable civil rights activists like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and even Louis Farrakhan were mentioned. However, they weren’t commended for their actions. They were actually blasted for their lack of support toward those who suffered as a result of the riots they supported.

Rev. Sharpton was a dominant force following the grand jury’s decision. He has been heavily involved with the protesting efforts in Ferguson and New York as well as the series of events that occurred since November 24 up to now. However, many have questioned the motive for his efforts. Several media outlets have even accused the 60-year-old activist of capitalizing off controversy.

For those who missed it, Jackson also shared his perspective of rioting during a heated debate with CNN’s Don Lemon just days after the announcement of Ferguson’s non-indictment for Officer Darren Wilson. Jackson actually expressed his support of rioters and justified the actions. However, Lemon felt otherwise, and even questioned the civil rights activist about the purpose of vandalizing and looting businesses that provide services, goods, and jobs for local citizens. Now business owners of all races are reportedly posing that question as well.

So Webb decided to ask if Rev. Sharpton had reached out to any of the business owners.

“All these victims that are sitting here in this audience, have any of you been contacted by Al Sharpton, by Farrakhan, by anyone who came down here to and did this?”

Apparently, they made no effort to reach out to anyone because no one came forward to say they did. Now the civil rights activists are being accused of wreaking havoc and leaving the “victims” to pick up the pieces.

“They’re there to shout, to stoke the fires. They didn’t go back to Ferguson after the aftermath.”

Do you agree or disagree with David Webb’s observation? Share your thoughts.

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