Brittany Musick Tweets Of Her Allegedly Arranged Hookup With ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jeremy Calvert

Brittany Musick has reportedly spoken out about a possible rendezvous between herself and Teen Mom 2 star, Jeremy Calvert.

Last week, as reported by the Inquisitr, Radar Online claimed Brittany and Jeremy were speaking together via Twitter direct message and text messages, which exposed their plans to meet up and “get a room.”

On Twitter this weekend, Brittany Musick fought back against fans’ claims she was trying to steal Leah Calvert’s husband.

“He told me they was separated, he filed for divorce!!” she said.

When another person said she was just his “piece of a**,” she added, “F**k off you don’t know the whole story!!”

“I liked him, I thought he was a great guy. && I’m not the home wrecker if anyone Leah is,” she continued. “I just heard about their divorce, and he confirmed it. So why not talk to him and chill? You’re never promised tomorrow.”

Brittany also addressed Jeremy’s comments about getting the pair a room after she arrived to where he was staying for work.

“I don’t have sleep overs. And wasn’t gonna sleep over with Jeremy,” she claimed.

In the leaked messages between Brittany Musick and Jeremy Calvert, the reality star told her, “I’ll take off work,” and asked, “When can u come up?” Jeremy also addressed his marital troubles, telling Brittany, “I was married and crap and now I’m not.” Then, after Brittany sent a photo of herself to him, Jeremy told her, “God ur really pretty.”

The pair also made plans to chat on Skype, with Jeremy joking, “long as you got clothes on,” and adding, “jkjk u don’t have to.”

Despite Jeremy’s allegations that his wife, Leah, cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend, Robbie Kidd, he has yet to file for divorce, which, as the Inquisitr reported, may be because of his family’s beliefs that he and Leah should work through their recent issues.

“Jeremy’s family is very old-fashioned and country,” a source explained to Radar Online on December 5. “They are furious that he wants to end the marriage, and think he and Leah should stick it out despite the hard times.”

“The truth is it’s a really f*cked up situation,” Radar‘s insider added. “They don’t even live together anymore.”

After a handful of feuds with fans, Brittany Musick confirmed she and Jeremy were no longer in contact. “I will no longer be speaking to him. Leah can keep him,” she said.

[Photo via Twitter]