Robbie Kidd Affair Leads ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Calvert’s Husband To Stray As Well? The Shocking Leaked Messages

Robbie Kidd reportedly slept with Leah Calvert several weeks ago, and now it is being reported that the Teen Mom 2 star’s husband, Jeremy, has strayed from their marriage as well.

Nearly two months after Jeremy took to Twitter, where, as the Inquisitr reported, he claimed Leah cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend, Robbie Kidd, a woman named Brittany Musick has come forward, alleging Jeremy has been pursuing her online for the last three weeks.

“[Leah Calvert] may be reassuring fans that she’s still married to Jeremy Calvert, but her husband of more than two years is telling a beautiful single mom a totally different story,” Radar Online reported on December 4. The reality star has been “claiming he’s no longer married to the Teen Mom 2 starlet, 22, and on the prowl for a new girl.”

One of Brittany’s friends shared secret Twitter direct messages between her and Jeremy, which were exchanged before he deleted his account at the end of last month. In one message, Brittany and Jeremy were seen attempting to arrange a visit with one another. When Brittany asked how they’d do it with Jeremy’s long hours, he reportedly said, “I’ll take off work,” and asked, “When can u come up?”

Although they didn’t make firm arrangements to see one another, their flirtation continued and, in one message, Jeremy confirmed to Brittany that he and Leah were no longer together. “I was married and crap and now I’m not,” he allegedly wrote.

After Brittany sent a photo to him in a later message, Jeremy told her, “God ur really pretty,” and the pair arranged to chat on Skype as “long as you got clothes on,” he joked, before adding, “jkjk u don’t have to.” In a series of text messages, Jeremy and Brittany planned to get a room after making plans to see each other, although it is unclear if they ever went through with the plan.

When Radar Online contacted Brittany, she claimed she was “shocked” to learn of Jeremy’s divorce. “I said ‘The way Leah talks on Twitter, it seems as if ya’ll are still together.’ But he said ‘No, it’s not true.'”

Three days after Jeremy went public with claims of Leah’s cheating, Robbie Kidd spoke out, claiming, via Inquisitr, he and Leah did not have an affair.

“Nothing has happened between Leah and I,” Robbie Kidd insisted during an interview with Radar Online, adding that he recently split with the mother of his young daughter. “I am currently dealing with my own family issues.”

[Photo via Twitter]