Beauty Tips From Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is one of the many teen stars making headlines recently, especially after becoming the newest face in the line of Estée Lauder. At only 19, it isn’t difficult to share her beauty tips.

Like Kendall Jenner, many fans grew up having Estée Lauder as a household name. It would be an honor for anyone to become the face of Estée Lauder, and even Jenner gushes about being given the honor at such a young age.

Kendall shares her beauty secrets readily, and regularly tells her fans how to ensure that they perfectly accent their natural beauty with just a touch of the right makeup.

While Jenner enjoys adding a little bit of shade to her lips, she feels that the most important feature on a girl is her eyes, and that above all, accenting the eyes provides better appeal, especially during a conversation where you would like someone to look into your eyes.

Kendal expresses how important it is to moisturize your skin on a regular basis. Kendal Jenner also discusses her love of neutral colors and how much she enjoys nudes and grays.

While many Estée Lauder cosmetic representatives keep their beauty regimen a secret, Kendal Jenner feels more than comfortable sharing her beauty secrets and teaching people how to make their makeup work with lighting, location, and your overall self confidence.

If you plan to take pictures, make sure that your make up is set for the lighting, especially if you plan to post your pictures on Instagram. It seems that after pictures hit the airwaves, any makeup issue can be blown out of proportion, especially if you have a lot of followers. There is nothing worse than printing your Instagram picture, or having someone else print your Instagram picture and notice that you either did not apply makeup, or that you applied your makeup wrong.

Kendal Jenner expresses to fans that they should always find their best feature and accent it. For many people, this is their eyes.

“I like a good eye… I love mascara”

She reveals at Estée Lauder, “Sometimes I like a little bit of a cat-eye, or a wing is nice. And lots of mascara. I love mascara.”

Essentially, anything that adds contrast to the vibrant colors and shapes that you already have can change your appearance from ahhh to “AHHHHH.” So take time to follow Kendal Jenner as she provides makeup tips through her new position as the face of Estée Lauder.