Mormon University Battles Students Over Skinny Jeans

The Brigham Young University’s Idaho affiliate has taken on a war against attire, specifically a war against students who choose to wear the form fitting pants known as “skinny jeans.”

The Mormon campus recently launched a campaign against the jeans through university’s testing center in which they posted a flier that reads:

“The ‘Skinny Jeans’ style is NOT appropriate attire.”

While the posted notice may have implied that the jeans are now being targeted school officials at BYU-Idaho says that’s not the case and in fact their honor code has always banned “form-fitting clothes.” It turns out that it just took until now for school officials to determine that skinny jeans were form-fitting.

As the schools VP reviews in an email to Gawker:

“We have not identified ‘skinny jeans’ as a specific violation of the dress and grooming standard.”

According to one student she wasn’t able to take a test at the school’s testing center last month because she chose to wear skinny jeans. The test banned student told BYU paper the Scroll:

“I got in line and the guy said that I couldn’t take a test because my pants were too tight,” while adding, “I thought he was joking at first.”

Realizing the error of their ways another university VP has said that the jeans ban has been loosened so to speak, noting:

“It’s useful for us to realize that fashions will come and go. There will always be some tempting new style.”

Do you think the skinny jeans ban was warranted or a bit silly given some of the more revealing attire available to girls these days?