November 3, 2020
WWE News: Zelina Vega Opens Up About Secret Marriage To 'Friday Night SmackDown' Star

In an interview with Lilian Garcia's Chasing Glory podcast, by way of, WWE superstar Zelina Vega revealed why she and Aleister Black wanted to keep their marriage a secret at first.

According to Vega, they didn't want their real-life relationship to interfere with WWE storylines. This was due to the fact their characters didn't get along on television, as Black was feuding with one of the performers Vega used to manage.

"There's a few reasons why I thought it might affect us. With Andrade, Aleister was our enemy. There could be this huge conspiracy that they can say that the reason why Andrade lost the title was because of me. They would say she jumped on him and he did the Black Mass and she was with him the whole time. I had seen a few times in history where real life bleeds into storylines and it can get a little messy. So I didn't want any of that and Aleister didn't want it either."
Vega also opened up about how the news of their marriage became public knowledge. She revealed that they only told a handful of close friends and WWE employees who were privy to the information. Perhaps one of them leaked the news.

Zelina Vega stands at ringside

She went on to say that Terry Taylor -- who's a coach in NXT -- attended the ceremony, and they asked him (as well as other guests) not to share pictures on social media. When they went to work the next day, he called them his "favorite married couple."

The superstar also cited the media as the most likely candidate for making their relationship common knowledge. She said that marriage certificates are easy to find online as they're public, and that's probably how their secret came to light.

Vega went on to recall how Triple H had no idea they were together until after they got engaged. "The Game" and Stephanie McMahon were two of the only people who knew about their eventual wedding plans, as Vega and Black view them as their parents in the promotion.

As The Inquisitr previously documented, Black has opened up about working with his wife in the past. The Friday Night SmackDown star revealed that they have no desire to pair up on television because they don't think it's necessary. According to Black, they're doing fine on their own.

He also talked about what it's like to work together, stating that it's not a big deal since they know how to keep their professional and private lives separate.