Teenager Uses Piranhas To Commit Suicide

In what may possibly be one of the most gruesome suicides we’ve ever reported an 18-year-old boy in Bolivia jumped into the piranha infested waters of the Yata River to take his own life.

According to witnesses Fisherman Oscar Barbosa jumped over the side of his canoe in order to commit suicide.

Police chief Daniel Cayaya says the young man suffered from dozens of bites to his throat and face.

Mr Cayaya says Oscar knew the riber well and was aware that it was swarming with red piranhas at this time of year.

The red piranha is approximately 14-inches long and has razor sharp teeth, the fish hunts in packs and is known to devour large snakes and in some cases they have eaten entire jaguars in a matter of minutes.

While fatal attacks against humans are very rare, even when humans enteri their waterways it’s not unheard of, swimmers at a river beach in Brazil were attacked by hundreds of piranhas in September 2011.

It’s believed that Oscar Barbosa was drunk at the time of his suicide.

I couldn’t imagine doing something to myself that would bring the pain of hundreds of piranha teeth mixed with the drowning sensation of the water.

Is this one of the worst was you’ve heard of to kill yourself?

[Image via ShutterStock.com]