Here’s How To Score An iPad Air 2 Or iPad Mini 3 For Up To $100 Off

Picking up an iPad mini or iPad Air and still having cash left over for other digital toys can be something of a Christmas miracle in itself. Fortunately, one of the major retailers is now offering a chance to pick up Apple’s full-size and miniature iPads with a hefty discount, because that’s the true spirit of Christmas after all.

Sunday marked the second leg of an aggressive bout of discounting on Best Buy’s part, and Christmastime iPad shoppers are the ones catching the best of it. Best Buy is currently offering $50 discounts on all of its iPad Air 2 models, with the 16GB Wi-Fi model starting at $450. It’s still not exactly an impulse buy, but it is $50 off a new iPad.

If the iPad Air is a bit too bulky for you, you can always go with Apple’s smaller option, the iPad mini. Some argue that the new iPad mini 3 isn’t worth the upgrade price over last year’s model, given that it doesn’t have much in the way of a spec bump over the iPad mini 2. With Best Buy offering the chance to pick up an iPad mini for between $50 and $100 off, though, that just about wipes away the price barrier between this year’s model and last year’s mini. With the $100 you save on a new iPad, you could go and pick yourself up, say, an iPhone 5s on contract.

Best Buy’s deep discounts on the iPad Air and iPad mini aren’t likely to last long, but the big blue retailer isn’t your only option to get a cheaper iPad Air. Over at AppleInsider, they’ve partnered with MacMall on similar discounts for the iPad Air 2. It’s not $50 off, but savings from $20 to $40 on the iPad Air 2 and $50 to $100 on the iPad mini 3 will surely leave you with a bunch of extra scratch to pick up apps for your new iPad.