CM Punk Signs With UFC, Brock Lesnar To Follow?

Last night, when former WWE wrestler CM Punk announced his multi-fight deal with the UFC, it felt big. So big, that it made me wonder if Punk’s decision to join the UFC would inspire current WWE champion, and former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar to head back to the UFC after his WWE contract expires in March.

It seems like WWE has hit a low-point as of late, with CM Punk’s appearance on Colt Cabana’s podcast explaining everything that’s wrong with the current WWE system, and explaining why WWE will likely never be what it once was. At least that’s what I got out of it.

CM Punk’s decision to sign with the UFC, and saying that he’s “done with professional wrestling” was definitely a blow to WWE. But if Brock Lesnar leaves WWE in March, and decides to make another run at the UFC heavyweight title, that could very well be a knockout blow.

When we’re a quarter of the way into with next year, UFC could very well have two of WWE’s best, and most successful wrestlers under contract, and being big-time money makers on pay-per-view.

Due to the launch of the WWE Network, pay-per-view is no longer relevant to Vince McMahon and WWE. Also, McMahon reportedly thinks that Lesnar is overpaid, and it’s likely that Lesnar will not re-sign with WWE for less money.

If Lesnar is still a big player on pay-per-view, he can definitely make a lot more money with the UFC than he can in WWE, unless Vince McMahon wants to offer Lesnar another monster contract, which is unlikely.

Bellator MMA is planning on making Lesnar an offer, but, much like WWE, unless Bellator offers Lesnar an enormous guarantee, it’s unlikely that Lesnar will sign there.

So, to me, the only realistic option at this point for Lesnar is a return to the UFC. How long will that last? Your guess is as good as mine.

It’s unlikely that Lesnar could beat top-tier heavyweights such as Junior dos Santos or Cain Velasquez. It’s also likely that Lesnar would struggle with opponents like Mark Hunt, or even Roy Nelson due to their insane striking power, and Lesnar’s glass jaw. So, because of that, Lesnar’s UFC return may not last very long, and could be as little as one fight long if Lesnar gets badly knocked out in his first fight back.

In my opinion, Lesnar is heading back to the UFC this spring. It’s his best financial option, and it’ll allow him to see if he can really compete at the highest level again now that he’s no longer suffering from diverticulitis.

If Lesnar makes his return, he could have his return fight on the same card that CM Punk is debuting on. Now, wouldn’t that be something?