Beyoncé’s ‘7/11’ Official YouTube Video Gets 48M Views In 16 Days: Where To Buy The Stuff She Wears

Beyoncé is so famous that the singer still gets plenty of buzz when it’s not even Beyoncé singing snippets from her famous “Drunk in Love” song, but Nicki Minaj portraying Beyoncé on SNL, as reported by the Inquisitr, a skit that caused Twitter to explode on Saturday with varying reactions to the portrayal.

Another video that’s exploding in views is Beyoncé’s “7/11” official YouTube video, which has received more than 48 million views in the 16 days since the “7/11” song was uploaded to the Beyoncé YouTube channel on November 21.

Titled simply “Beyoncé – 7/11,” the video shows the superstar in a series of seemingly homemade – or hotel made, more correctly – video snippets that are exquisitely edited to show Beyoncé and other female dancers having fun and acting silly in a luxury hotel room, dancing about the bathroom and on the balcony as well as in the hallway.

“Girl I’m trying to kick it with you…”

Interest in the wide variety of clothing that Beyoncé wears throughout the 7/11 video has caused websites like Gothamist to break down for fans exactly where to buy the WXYZ jewelry that Beyoncé wears – a notoriously pointy and triangle-shaped type of jewelry that will no doubt fuel the theories that Beyoncé once again infused Illuminati symbols into another video. Beyoncé’s baseball cap, crown, bangle, and cuff alone in one of the 7/11 scenes are worth $1,225, explains the website.

BuzzFeed also detailed where to buy other 7/11 goodies that Beyoncé and her girls wear in the 7/11 video, like the American Apparel unisex undie,s or funny Kale sweatshirt from Sub Urban Riot that Beyoncé sports on the balcony, wearing little else.

As reported by Forbes, Beyoncé is the only woman in the world — and in history — to have ever received as many as 52 Grammy nominations, a record that knocked Dolly Parton out of the top spot. Obviously, with those many accolades and that much fan fervor, Beyoncé will command attention with every move she makes, including unexpected song and album releases that include serious tributes like “Ring Off” – a tribute to Beyoncé’s mom and her patience in dealing with an unhappy marriage and a philandering husband – to “7/11,” a song that seems to celebrate campy fun with girlfriends…and maybe a frenemy thrown into the mix.

“This tr*$k about to go off…Mad cause I’m so fresh…Fresher than you…I’m fresher than you…”