Bassist Jason Newsted Rejoins Metallica For 30th Anniversary Concert

Metallica fans came from all over the world on Monday to witness a six-hour celebration of Metallica on the eve of their 30th anniversary. The event, featuring various musical tributes and special guests also included a reunion between the band and bassist Jason Newsted.

To attend the concert fans had to first enter a lottery and then in many cases travel long distances to attend the show.

Monday nights show was the first of four set to occur throughout the week and included a big-band jazz tribute from the Soul Rebels which included interpretations of Enter Sandman and One among others.

Not wanting to perform “just another show” the band transformed the venue into a banquet hall with the Fillmore’s Poster Room being turned into a Metallica Museum features instruments, group memorabilia and artwork.

Before the heavy metal group took the stage Lars Ulrich and James Hetfeld strolled out onto the stage to explain the evenings events with Hetfeld telling fans:

“If you don’t know by now, Metallica is throwing a party, and you’re all invited.”

Telling fans they were having a “Metallica Party” and not just a concert Ulrich hung out in the audience for a while, mingling with fans and enjoy the festivities.

Fans were also able to record messages via video at a special booth that the band members could enjoy at a later time. Among some of the groups recorded fan messages were recordings from the groups Slipknot and Scorpions and Detroit rocker Kid Rock.

As the lights went down and Metallica finally took to the stage for a three hour performance Hetfield told fans:

“This is our party. We’re headlining. We’re gonna play. The doors are locked. You can’t escape.”

Would you have liked to attend the Metallica 30th anniversary party?