New York Socialite Has $550,000 Stolen By Email Hacker

Billionaire Manhattan socialite Candia Fisher was the financial victim of a hacker this week after her email was hacked and $550,000 was wired from her personal bank accounts to an account in Australia.

According to the New York Post Fisher conducts almost all of her business via email which in turn made it simple to find personal details, including banking passwords, account numbers and other information needed to transfer the funds.

After receiving access to her email account the hacker began the Australian transfer which continued until a banking authority noticed the strange transfers and alerted a clueless Candia Fisher.

At this time it’s not clear if any money can be recovered however the damage could have been far more severe given the billions of dollars that were at stake.

This isn’t the first time a member of the Fisher Brothers real estate clan have been robbed of their wealth, in the 1960s a group of armed men broke into the Manhattan apartment of Candia’s mother and stole millions of dollars in jewels.

Socialite may be just the right word for Candia as she’s obviously not the brains of the family’s operation given her inability to understand that sending personal banking info through email is ridiculous.

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