Lindsay Lohan Playboy Cover Revealed [Pic]

A photo of Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy cover surfaced on Wednesday, well ahead of the company’s January/February issue release.

The cover was leaked after an early copy was sent out and features Lindsay Lohan with her female parts strategically covered by a red bunny logo shaped chair.

The Playboy issue will officially hit newsstands until later in the month and the official cover photo is expected to arrive on Dec. 15. During the official cover photo reveal Lohan will sit down with Ellen DeGeneres (Dec. 15) to discuss her Playboy photo shoot, Lohan’s rep has revealed that the Ellen interview will be her only public discussion about the Playboy job.

Speaking about the cover and photo spread Lohan’s rep said it was “absolutely fantastic and very tasteful,” while Hugh Hefner has recently called the photo shoot “very classy” which is hard to believe since Lindsay Lohan was involved.

Lohan has hoped for the last several months that her photo shoot and attempt to stay out of trouble will help generate interest in her career which has waned since her DUI arrest and following necklace-theft.

Playboy has a lot riding on the cover and inside spread, after shooting a first run with Lohan in November she was called back for a re-shoot after Playboy founder Hugh Hefner determined that the first shoot didn’t meet his expectations. Lohan is not expected to appear fully nude in the shoot.

Playboy says Lohan was channeling Marilyn Monroe for the shoot, I personally don’t see it.

What do you think of the Lindsay Lohan Playboy cover shot?