Disney's 'Frozen' Mania Isn't Just For Children

Lauren Cole

It's no secret that Disney's Frozen has been a smashing success, leaving every other animated feature production in the dust. As of May, it was the 5th highest grossing film of all time, falling in behind mega hits like Avatar, Titanic, The Avengers, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Frozen brought in over $1.2 billion just at the box office, and is expected to sell that much in related merchandise this year, even though the movie came in 2013.

Disney was caught off guard by the overwhelming popularity of Frozen and the demand for the Frozen dolls, outfits, and wigs. Most stores sold out of the Disney merchandise earlier this year, prompting some parents to pay thousands of dollars online for $100 Frozen dolls. Even pets got in on the act. As the Inquisitr reported, one family's adorable pet would sing along with the hit tune from the movie "Let it Go." Disney has been stepping up its game to ensure that the merchandise was properly stocked for the upcoming holiday season, especially after Halloween showed the staying power of the loving sisters.

Disney's magic has transfixed many adults as well. While Disney has been renowned for capturing the adoring attention of adults and children alike, Frozen has superseded the popularity of classic figures such as Mickey Mouse and Betty Boop. Adults without children were buying the movie's soundtrack, watching the video on YouTube, and using the #TheColdNeverBotheredMeAnyway on Twitter. Even Pearl Jam got in on the action, singing the Frozen theme song at a concert. The name Elsa flew nearly 250 places up the popular baby names list. A family in Austin, Texas set their Christmas light display to the hit song "Let It Go," by Idina Menzel. Never one to miss an opportunity, Disney has found a new way to capitalize on its popularity amongst adults.

Knowing the crazy lengths that some people will go to to acquire hot Frozen merchandise, their new products are only available at their theme parks in Orlando and Anaheim. What is the newest must-have Frozen accessory? A brand new makeup line inspired by the color palettes of Anna and Elsa. Included are four nail polishes, three lipstick colors, silver and gold eye pigments and two separate eyeshadow collections, one for each of the sisters. All of these amazing new must-have colors come in a fabulous ice blue compact covered in silver snowflakes. This makeup collection would be the absolute perfect finishing touch to Alfred Angelo's stunning Queen Elsa inspired wedding gown, available in January, 2015.