Jackie Coakley Exposed As Rolling Stone's UVA Rape Story Source By Conservative Blogger Charles C. Johnson?

Zachary Volkert

Rolling Stone's article about a rape on the University of Virginia campus generated a firestorm of response when it was first published, but that kindling was keeping a lot of attention on the account when the integrity of the story was brought into question -- eventually even by the publication Rolling Stone itself, when it released an apology letter this Saturday.

One of the article's biggest detractors, former Daily Caller writer Charles C. Johnson, upped the ante Sunday afternoon when began to tweet the name Jackie Coakley. Johnson is now accusing Jackie of being the women interviewed by Rolling Stone whose story has been called into question.

Charles C. first began to link Coakley's name to the fabricated story Sunday morning, threatening to continue revealing more details about the Rolling Stone subject's life until she came forward to discuss her account of the UVA rape story with Charles himself.

— Charles C. Johnson (@ChuckCJohnson) December 7, 2014

— Charles C. Johnson (@ChuckCJohnson) December 7, 2014

"We made a judgment – the kind of judgement [sic] reporters and editors make every day. And in this case, our judgement [sic] was wrong," editor Will Dana posted on Twitter Friday. "We should have either not made this agreement with Jackie … or worked harder to convince her that the truth would have been better served by getting the other side of the story. That failure is on us – not on her."

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