LAPD Will Search Hugh Hefner's Estate In Bill Cosby Investigation

Jennifer Murray

The LAPD plans to search Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion as part of its investigation into Judy Huth's sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby. Although the assault purportedly happened four decades ago, cops are hopeful search will aid investigation.

TMZ reports investigators are focusing in on Hefner's estate after Judy Huth, a California woman, filed a police report on Friday with LAPD. Huth alleges Bill Cosby got her drunk and forced her to perform sexual acts in one of the bedrooms at the Playboy Mansion in 1974, when Huth was just 15-years-old. Cops plan to search Hefner's estate for evidence and talk to staff members to determine whether Cosby or Huth were even there at the time the alleged assault took place. Although the statute of limitations has run out in the case, LAPD says they will investigate any time a person files a police report.

Hugh Hefner released a statement on Saturday addressing the Cosby allegations.

"Bill Cosby has been a good friend for many years and the mere thought of these allegations is truly saddening. I would never tolerate this kind of behavior, regardless of who was involved."

Before filing a report with LAPD, Huth and her attorney, Gloria Allred, filed a civil suit against Cosby on Tuesday. Huth says she is just now filing suit because it was not until the past three years she realized the effects the assault has had on her throughout her life. Allred, a civil rights attorney, is also representing three other accusers who are demanding $100 million from Cosby.

According to USA Today, in response to Huth's lawsuit, Cosby's attorney, Martin Singer, filed court documents on Thursday alleging Huth is a liar and extortionist. Singer is claiming that a month before filing the civil suit, Huth and another attorney, Marc Strecker, demanded $100,000 in exchange for Huth's silence. When more women came forward to make allegations against Cosby, Huth upped her demand to $250,000. Court documents filed by Singer also claim Huth tried to sell her story to tabloids 10 years ago, but none took her up on the offer.

Huth's claims are not the only ones to link Hugh Hefner in some way to the Cosby allegations. On Friday, a former Playboy Club employee, PJ Masten, came forward to also accuse Cosby of sexual assault. Masten claims there are 12 more bunnies that Cosby drugged and raped who are afraid to come forward. Former Playboy Bunnies Victoria Valentino and Carla Ferrigno have also made accusations against Cosby.

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