Blonde Justin Bieber Shares Impromptu Sk8er Boi Photoshoot On Instagram

Justin Bieber knows what his fans want. Apart from new music, selfies and photoshoots will do nicely.

After unveiling his newly-dyed, bleached blonde hair last week, on Wednesday, the 20-year-old shared an impromptu photoshoot on Instagram, which took place at his Beverly Hills home the day before (December 9).

Pal photographer Nick Onken filmed the heartthrob in various poses at the superstar’s Ed Niles-designed mansion, which he has just started renting for $59k a month.

At some point that day, paparazzi snapped Justin flinging himself around on a trampoline under a gazebo while Onken worked.

For those photos, the singer wore an oversized, white T-shirt, black harem pants and red sneakers and — for once — no baseball cap.

Justin Bieber

A pensive shot of the Canadian sitting on a skateboard on decking by the infinity pool.

Justin takes a load off and balances on his skateboard by the luxurious infinity pool

Two of the pics show Justin sporting a large, gray, sleeveless T-shirt and blue sneakers, teamed with the same harem pants.

Justin Bieber smolders in sk8er boi photoshoot on Instagram in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, December 9

The “Confident” singer completed his sk8er boi look with a plaid shirt tied around his waist, which he left hanging.

The Biebs gets goofy in a mid-flight shot on a trampoline and seems to have had fun doing it

Time for another reflective Instagram pic. This time Justin went barefoot.

The R&B pop prince, wearing a white T-shirt and rolled up blue jeans, surveys his castle.

Was he thinking about his former girlfriend, Selena Gomez?

Justin Bieber

It wasn’t all photoshoots and posing on Tuesday.

According to, Justin, pal producer Maejor Ali and the singer’s bodyguards were spotted heading inside a yoga studio for an afternoon class in Los Angeles.

Justin Bieber and producer Maejor Ali heading into a yoga studio on Tuesday, December 9

The “All That Matters” hitmaker wore a white T-shirt, a black baseball cap and loose-fitting black and white sweats with a red stripe, most likely so he could move around easily in the class.

News of Justin’s possible new-found hobby comes just weeks after the singer revealed to fans during an online exchange that he has quit smoking marijuana.

This major change may or may not be a result of the step-up in spiritual guidance the star has been receiving since late October from longtime friends, pastor Carl Lentz of Hillsong NYC and pastor Judah Smith from the Seattle-based The City Church.

At the Burbank opening of West Coast Customs earlier this week, the noticeably healthier and blonder Biebs told Hustle TV that he has been prepping for a new music comeback in 2015 after taking a year’s break.

“I wanted to have a moment where people didn’t see me for a while and then I could come back stronger.”

While his now ended romance with Selena and legal woes continue to hit headlines, Justin added that he was “not done” and has been “growing up” and “finding myself as a man.”

He signed off promising 2015 was “going to be a great next chapter.”

Seemingly in line with that positivity, the most tweeted-about artist of 2014 posted a simple message on Tuesday morning, writing,

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