His Own Prison: Scott Stapp May Not Be As Broke As He Says

Dwight Wade

Just days after a video featuring Creed frontman Scott Stapp went viral, a new report makes it hard to believe Stapp is as penniless as he claims.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Stapp was paid $1.5 million in 2013 as an advance for his solo album Proof of Life. Furthermore, Creed was paid $3 million in royalties for their 2009 album Full Circle.

As originally reported by the Inquisitr, Stapp released a 15-minute video last week in which he claimed to be homeless and broke. He blamed the situation on a coordinated attack by the IRS, President Obama, and his wife.

"Between the IRS attacking me... between the banks basically saying 'yeah, all of your money has been taken out of your accounts', I have no money. I've been living in the Holiday Inn and have been forced to sleep in my truck. I have no money for food and as a result, ended up in the emergency room."

Stapp's estranged wife has filed for divorce and sole custody of their children. She claims, contrary to Stapp's insistence otherwise, that he is addicted to meth and has serious drug and mental problems. Stapp was also recently picked up by police in his Florida hometown after being found wandering the streets. According to the Cochrane Times, Madison County Sheriff's Department verified Stapp was placed on a 72-hour psychiatric hold following the encounter.

Stapp's struggles were recently addressed by one of his former bandmates. Creed Bassist Brian Marshall spoke with Team Rock and voiced his concerns for his friend and colleague.

"It's obvious that Scott is not okay. He needs medical help and/or an intervention so he does not surrender to this disease before he hurts himself or others. I was trying to inform those who were concerned about his immediate wellbeing, that we were reaching out to him during this difficult time and will continue to do so until the family gets the help they need."

The episode has also affected Stapp's 13-year-old son. Jagger Stapp called his father out on Twitter for spending too much time releasing songs on Facebook, and claimed his dad was on a nine-week binge.

Whether or not Stapp is indeed broke, reports clearly suggest he is struggling with drug and mental issues. The truly sad part is the devastation that can be seen amongst his friends and family. Yet these same reports suggest Stapp still has the support of the same family and friends. He needs only commit to accepting it.

[Photo courtesy of ScottStapp.com]