Dej Loaf And Her 'Try Me' Lyrics Buzz: Talk Of Nazis, Burners, And Catching Bodies Brings Former Janitor To 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'

The first time I heard the named Dej Loaf, I was in my boot camp class, asking the 26-year-old who told me about Dej Loaf how to spell her name. Upon Googling Dej Loaf, I found the song "Try Me" on YouTube – the nearly 10 million video views enjoying Dej Loaf song that contains plenty of curse words, so be warned – one that Dej initially loaded to SoundCloud and found major success after doing so.

Everyone from Wiz Khalifa to Drake has remixed, mentioned, or jumped on that "Try Me" song, and with its simple, catchy beat and infectious hook – mixed with seriously earnest and shocking Dej Loaf lyrics you don't expect to hear coming from the petite Lil Loaf – "Try Me" is an anthem to raw bravado, be it false or real. It's also a song that sent me to Google and the Urban Dictionary more than once, to verify that "catch a body" means to have a murder on your record, and that IBGM as an acronym means "I Been Getting' Money," reports Complex.

Upon watching the video of Dej Loaf singing her anthem from the vantage point of a porch and various locales across Detroit, with her "fam" throwing up signs and pointing at the camera, I immediately pronounced her hard, but fell in rhythm with those intrigued by Dej Loaf, who quit her job as a janitor at a Chrysler plant only recently, according to Billboard.

Dej Loaf appeared in her TV debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and it was pretty interesting to hear how differently her lyrics sounded without the auto-tuning and harsh curse words; all the references to "catching a body" or more incendiary Nazi comments were stripped. And as Dej Loaf darted around the stage, it appeared the control room director had a hard time keeping her in the frame. Perhaps that's the reason for 1,000 thumbs up with a matching number of thumbs down on the video. Perhaps now that Fallon has given Dej Loaf a full segment to perform her popular song, he'll have rapper LeCrae – chronicled in a piece on the Inquisitr – return for full song performance like Fallon promised.

Either way, Dej Loaf's rhyming and writing skills have won legions of fans intrigued at the way Dej Loaf, who was reportedly a quiet girl that kept to herself whilst growing up, pours her pain, angst, and truth into lyrics and song stylings that catch attention, not bodies.

[Image credit: Dej Loaf Instagram]