JetBlue Bans YouTuber Matthew Lush After Petty ‘Mean Girls’ Tweet

A popular YouTube celebrity Matthew Lush was recently permanently banned from using JetBlue airlines because of a Mean Girls inspired tweet. At the time Lush tweeted a joke at JetBlue’s customer service rep named Regina, which included her employee number.

So why Regina? Well, if you remember your Mean Girls trivia, character Regina George played by Rachel McAdams reigned supreme in her clique. So what do you get when you combine a disgruntled customer, a large fan base, and a Mean Girls anecdote? A ban for life, of course.

The whole JetBlue ban started when popular YouTuber Matthew Lush realized he was being charged for a JetBlue flight that he didn’t book. According to The Daily Dot he tried to correct this with Agent Regina (no relation to Mean Girls’ George), but in the end she was, “less than helpful, telling him he’d incur a $150 charge. Lush refused the charge and decided to just take the flight instead of booking a new one.”

Unhappy with his customer service rep, Lush decided to wreak havoc by sending out a tweet with Regina’s number to his 154k followers.

“Don’t fly @JetBlue! Their customer service is horrible! Especially Regina 87346. She is ruining my Thanksgiving vacation.”

Despite his annoyance Lush went to take his flight home and upon arrival was told that he was not allowed to fly JetBlue because he was a “physical security threat.”

Since Lush’s call to action, his loyal fans have spread around memes from the YouTube video he made to discuss this very issue.

At one point the YouTuber even insinuated that this might be JetBlue’s LGBTQ exclusive treatment. Fans have also backed him up on that.

HE WOULDN’T HURT A SINGLE SOUL. #BoycottJetBlue @JetBlue @MatthewLush

— Sarah Hanscom (@imsarahhanscom) December 1, 2014

The hashtag BoycottJetBlue has already begun to make the rounds.

Here’s a video of Matthew Lush explaining everything.

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