J.J. Abrams Battling Disney Over Key ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Issues

Ever since the first trailer for Star Wars: The Forces Awakens was released last week, the entire cinematic community has been reminded of just how strong the force is with the franchise.

Of course, hoards of rumors surrounding the seventh installment of the beloved series have been been doing the rounds across the world wide web ever since the film was originally announced.

But now an alleged leak of key information, which has been committed by a user claiming to work for Lucasfilm, has appeared on the 4Chan message board, and it states that Abrams is currently battling with Disney over various issues regarding the film.

According to the Guardian, the report claims that Abrams and Disney have been in various arguments over key elements. The 4Chan user also remarks that Lawrence Kasdan’s screenplay for The Force Awakens is “too good for Abrams.”

Abrams has achieved notoriety thanks to his steady stream of blockbuster movies over the last few years. In 2006, he directed the hugely enjoyable Mission: Impossible III, which helped to breath new life into the stagnate franchise, while he also wrote and directed the deeply personal Super 8 in 2011.

However, it was his work on the Star Trek franchise that finally convinced Lucasfilm he was the right man to write and direct Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The 2009 reboot Star Trek was widely regarded as the most enthralling and entertaining blockbuster of that year, and while 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness wasn’t quite as critically or financially successful, it was still a worthy addition to the franchise.

The first clip of Star Wars: The Force Awakens proves that he has brought the same frenetic energy that has populated his previous films to George Lucas’ beloved franchise. But despite the fact that moviegoers from across the world reacted uproariously to the first glimpse of the blockbuster, the aforementioned insider suggests that Disney aren’t completely happy with the work that he has been doing.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, numerous other rumors regarding the film were also included in the document. The insider has dismissed speculation that Benedict Cumberbatch, whose recent performance in The Imitation Game has been met with stunning reviews, is involved in the film.

Meanwhile, they also revealed that Adam Driver will be playing a masked Sith-like character who also has cyborg elements. They then went on to state that it was Driver’s character who was seen in the snowy woods with his very own unique lightsaber. Whether any of this is true or not is still very much up for debate though.

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