‘Star Wars’ Teaser Trailer Generates Over 16 Million Interactions On Facebook

It is no surprise that the Star Wars teaser trailer was one of the most anticipated of its kind and now we know that 16 million interactions were generated on Facebook after the short clip was officially released on Friday.

If you are like countless people that use social media on a regular basis and a Star Wars fan, you probably took to your favorite site to share your thoughts about the teaser or to see what others were saying about it. According to a report in the Wrap, over eight million unique users went on Facebook to do just that.

As time goes on, things are not calming down and fans continue to analyze any and all details revealed in the now iconic trailer for this new trilogy. Facebook says that 16.7 million interactions related to Star Wars and its first trailer took place in the first 72 hours after its release on Friday, November 28.

Surprisingly, though, the much talked about Star Wars trailer was not the most popular last week. The honor goes to Jurassic World, which released its first trailer on Thanksgiving Day and garnered over 700,000 “likes” on Facebook compared to a more modest 200,000 “likes” generated by Star Wars, which means it will not make the Top 20 Facebook trailer like list.

But director J.J. Abrams and Disney shouldn’t feel disappointed by these numbers because, according to the website Zefr, the new Star Wars teaser trailer is the fastest growing ever. Since being released on Friday, the 88-second clip is on pace to become the most watched movie trailer in history.

On YouTube, the Star Wars trailer has over 60 million views since it was posted online Friday, while Jurassic World stood at under 60 million since Thursday. Avengers: Age of Ultron stands in third place, Fifty Shades of Grey in fourth, and Minions rounds up the top five most watched trailers.

Star-Wars stats
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But the YouTube stats only relates to all the existing copies of the Star Wars trailer currently available for fans to watch. All related content actually is up in the 90 million views, which includes parodies, fan reaction videos, and others.

In the old days, fans awaiting a trailer such as Star Wars’ would come to the theater early to try to catch a glimpse of their favorite film. Now they can do that in the comfort of their own home and, in many cases, they only need a phone to view the video.

Take a look at one of the many videos related to the Star Wars teaser trailer. Do you identify with these fan reactions?

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