Kids Call Santa By Dialing 911 But Get A Different Surprise

Santa is a wanted man during this busy holiday season, and two little boys thought making a call to 911 emergency services might be the key to reaching the merry man.

The 3-year-old and 6-year-old brothers from Mayville, Wisconsin, apparently did not want to waste time writing letters and sending them off to the North Pole. They wanted to talk to Santa directly and immediately, so they came up with a plan to call from their father’s cell phone, according to Beaver Dam Daily Citizen.

It seems as though the little boys felt as though their Christmas lists were nothing short of an emergency and Santa needed to know right away. Calling 911 in this Christmas-list emergency was most likely the obvious thing to do since the young brothers didn’t know the direct number to Santa’s busy workshop at the North Pole.

Santa with a phone
Would Santa get cell phone reception at the North Pole?

However, something went wrong when one of the boys dialed 911 and pressed the call button. Either someone suddenly went shy, felt afraid, or realized his mistake when the emergency operator answered the call. The boys hung up their father’s phone and aborted their mission to contact Santa.

According to the Huffington Post, a Mayville police officer responded to the hangup call and made contact with the kids in person. The boys admitted they were using their dad’s phone to call 911 and talk to the big jolly man himself, but to their surprise, Santa and his busy elves could not be reached using the emergency line.

The police officer told the boys the best way to talk to Santa was in person, and not to call 911 to try to talk to Santa Claus. There will be several opportunities in Mayville and the surrounding areas where children will have a chance to tell Kris Kringle what is on their lists, to get their pictures taken with him, and to give him their letters.

Hopefully these two little boys will be able to visit with Santa soon since they can hardly wait to tell him all about their wish lists. Most likely Santa can overlook the 911 incident and keep the brothers on his nice list this year.

The Mayville Police Department wants to remind everyone that a call to 911 should only be placed in real emergencies, and Santa and the North Pole cannot be reached by calling 911.

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