Dakota Meyer: Marine Takes On ISIS Terrorists Via Twitter, Facebook

Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer, who has faced some of the heaviest fighting Afghanistan has to offer, is a recipient of the Medal of Honor and has even had a beer with President Obama, is now taking on ISIS militants and terrorists via Twitter and other social media.

In the wake of the FBI warning soldiers, their families and other military personnel to keep their social media presence to a minimum for fear terrorists might use any information they can find to do harm, Dakota Meyer has decided to do the opposite.

Dakota Meyer is gaining a lot of support, too, in his open efforts to turn terrorist warnings upside down and put the challenge back on terrorists such as ISIS and other Islamic militants, reports ABC News.

“I’m just tired of the warnings,” said Meyer, whose Twitter and Facebook posts have lit up the social media world, going viral ever since he responded to the FBI warning by saying, “Maybe the FBI should give (the terrorists) the warnings.”

Along with the tweet above that Dakota Meyer sent out of himself, inviting ISIS members to join his “book club,” he also called ISIS militants “cowards” in one of his Facebook posts, garnering almost 8,000 “Likes” while imploring his backers to also post photos of U.S. flags on his page.

“I’m definitely not scared of them, and I can’t think of a better purpose to serve than standing up against those who are trying to instill fear in Americans. When I start having to change my life because I’m worried about something that could happen to me, that means terrorism is winning. That means terrorism is working… I refuse to let these idealistic, radical bullies change the way that I live.”

Dakota Meyer, 26, lives in Kentucky and stresses that he’s not just carelessly taking this stand to be cavalier, careless or to get “ISIS to go attack the military.”

“I’m speaking on behalf of myself,” said Dakota. “I just want us, as Americans, to stop living in fear and stop worrying about what they’re going to do. I want us to stand up against these people.”

At the same time, Meyer also doesn’t hold back his more provocative feelings toward ISIS or other terrorists either, such as in another interview with the Army Times on Wednesday.

“Hopefully one of these a**holes actually shows up,” said Dakota to the Army Times. “They’ll definitely get more than they want at my place.”

[Image via Google Images]