Kory Watkins Screams 'Criminals!' At Cops At DUI Checkpoint, Immediately Slammed By Drunk Driver

Jonathan Vankin

Kory Watkins, a Texas man who is president of his local open carry gun rights group, also believes that there should be no laws against driving drunk -- or even that drivers licenses should be a legal requirement, saying that he should not need to "ask for permission to drive a car I paid for on a road I paid for."

But last week, Watkins was driving home from a protest against a police-operated drunk driving checkpoint, where he stood to the side screaming "You criminals!" at police officers stopping motorists for sobriety checks -- when a drunk driver slammed into his car.

"So last night on my way home from cop watching a drunk driver was going around 100 mph and smashed into the back of me," Watkins wrote on his Facebook page. "I could not control the car, I went sideways, then flipped 3 times, hit a cement piller to stop my roll and put me in a ditch on The side of 287. I was 2 miles always from being home. I am incredible lucky to be breathing. I can't tell you how lucky I am to be alive. [sic]"

Watkins was immediately subjected to ridicule and verbal abuse on his own page, by other Facebook users who saw a certain irony in the fact that Watkins was victimized by a drunk driver shortly after attempting to force police to stop checking drivers for intoxication.

But none of the abuse fazed Watkins, who then returned to his Facebook to explain his viewpoints on the drunk driving issue.

"I do not support drunk driving, I don't support a law against it either. I also don't support checkpoints that violate people's rights, because you are somehow guilty until proven innocent of drunk driving (checkpoints) I support a law against people who drive recklessly and smash into people. If someone goes out to eat and has a few drinks, drives home and is responsible in doing so. Nobody is hurt, no property was damaged, there is no crime. I support the freedom of travel unless you are hurting someone or their property."

The CDC also says that DUI checkpoints reduce the number of drunk driving accidents by almost 10 percent.

Police arrested the drunk driver who rear-ended Kory Watkins. They also slapped Watkins with a $300 ticket for driving without a license.