James Franco And Seth Rogen Play Awesome 8-Bit ‘Freaks And Geeks’ Video Game

The two have been making the rounds on the publicity circuit to talk about their upcoming move The Interview, and recently sat down with YouTube innovators The Fine Bros. Last year the YouTubers worked with 8-bit animator Doctor Octoroc to create a choose-your-own-adventure game based on Freaks And Geeks.

This week, they had James Franco and Seth Rogen check out the game and re-live the adventures of the show’s Freaks. They re-played through some familiar scenarios (including practice with the Freaks’ terrible garage band), and made some witty observations (Rogen noted “you didn’t make Jason Segel tall enough”).

The two actors and friends have a lot of other exposure on the horizon. They have signed up for and appearance on the show Naked and Afraid. Franco and Rogen are actually going fully nude for the show, which puts people in survivalist situations, and Franco has already shared a photo from the shoot.

Rogen and Franco don’t seem to have any problem getting up close and personal. Last year the two mocked the Kanye West song “Bound 2,” with Seth Rogen playing the part of Kim Kardashian and Franco as Kanye in a very, very racy video.


The latest YouTube appearance may have given some solace to fans of Freaks and Geeks. In an interview after the game is over (and Rogen declares “We won! The show still gets canceled.”), the two talked about how it might have been able to survive if it came out today and had the ability to go online.

“At the time we made it there was no infrastructure for canceled TV shows having life beyond their cancellation,” Rogen said. “More people have seen it now for sure that saw it when it was actually on television.”

Seth Rogen also had a message for the Freaks and Geeks fans still loyal to the show: “Thank you for not realizing there’s a lot of other better shows that have come on in the last 15 years and focusing on ours.”