Tiger Woods Ends Two Year Winless Streak At Chevron World Challenge

Two year ago Tiger Woods watched as his life and subsequently his career came crashing down around him. Since that time Woods has not stood a top the leaderboard at the end of a tournament until this weekend when he managed to pull off his first victory in two years at the Chevron World Challenge tournament.

Closing with a 3-under 69 and a one-shot victory over former Masters champion Zach Johnson it was Woods back to his old form, giving a fist pump after dropping a 6-foot putt on the final 18th hole of the tournament.

That 6-foot putt put to rest a 749 winless streak that began on Nov. 15, 2009 at the Australian Masters and included 26 official tournaments.

The win also marks the 83rd time Tiger Woods has won a PGA tournament and the fifth time he has captured the Chevron World Challenge.

Woods finished at 10-under 278 and quickly donated his $1.2 million purse to his Tiger Woods foundation.

Along with his win Tiger moved from No. 52 in the world ranking to No. 21 where he’ll likely remain until his next tournament in Abu Dhabi this coming January.

When asked if he was happy to finally have another win to his name Woods responded:

“It just feels awesome whatever it is.”

The victory also marks the first time in two years that Woods proved why he use to be the scariest opponent on the final day of a golf tournament, coming from behind a 1-shot deficit to Johnson but trailing for only three holes on the day.

Do you think Tiger Woods can still make a comeback or was this tournament a stroke of luck for the world’s former No. 1 golfer?

[Image via Tony Bowler / Shutterstock.com]