Iran Shoots Down US Drone, Promises More Actions

Iran’s military announced on Sunday that they have managed to shoot down a U.S. reconnaissance drone in the eastern part of the country. According to Iranian officials the plane was shot down for violating Iranian airspace.

Speaking on Iran’s Arabic-language Al Alam state television an Iranian official responded:

“Iran’s military has downed an intruding RQ-170 American drone in eastern Iran.”

“The spy drone, which has been downed with little damage, was seized by the Iranian armed forces.”

The attack on the military plane couldn’t come at a worse time for the country as they are attempting to quell international outrage over the British embassy in Tehran, a site that was overrun last week after London announced sanctions against Iran’s central bank.

In response to that attack all Iranian diplomats were expelled from London and various other EU members pulled their staff from the country.

Speaking of their attack the same Iranian official said:

“The Iranian military’s response to the American spy drone’s violation of our airspace will not be limited to Iran’s borders.”

At this time the United States and Israel has not rule out military actions against Iran, a growing possibility as the country continues to build out their nuclear enrichment program, facilities that many world leaders see as nothing more than an attempt to build nuclear weapons.

Iranian officials have promised to block off oil shipments coming through the Strait of Hormuz if attacks occur, that Gulf passage supplies nearly 40% of all traded oil from the Gulf region.

Do you think Iran’s constant attacks against foreign sources will lead to an all out war in the region?

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