Kayelyn Louder Update: Body Found In Jordan River

The search for Kayelyn Louder may be over, but with an ending that her loved ones feared all along. A body has been pulled from the Jordan River, signaling multiple reports on the missing woman's case, but it should be noted that the identity of the corpse is not yet known. Fox News 13 out of Salt Lake City reports that the body was significantly decomposed to a point that made it difficult for police to declare any identifying features, such as its gender, presumed age or how the person may have died.

Family members of the missing woman have been notified of the discovery, and the body has been taken to the Utah State Medical Examiner's Office, but authorities have acknowledged that this discovery could turn out to be nothing (in regards to Louder's case). A private investigator hired by the family also acknowledged this.

"This may be another bump in that roller coaster that may turn out to be nothing."
KSL TV News revealed that the body was found by a crew of workers on Monday afternoon. It was partially submerged in about four feet of water under a bridge, hidden by debris and plants. The circumstances surrounding this discovery could be indicative of any number of things. The body could be a victim of foul play and may have been hidden in this location, or the body could have been carried downstream after meeting some kind of accidental demise. Without an autopsy there will be no answers to the numerous questions surrounding this grisly find.

Kayelyn Louder disappeared over nine weeks ago after wandering from her condo during an autumn rainstorm. She was reportedly barefooted, wearing shorts and a tank top, at the time of her disappearance. Surveillance footage showed the woman leaving her apartment never to return, which initially inspired fears that an abduction may have taken place. However, it was quickly revealed in media reports that Kayelyn was suffering from some kind of episode the night she disappeared. She called 911 several times that night, reportedly making false reports and appearing to be in a deluded state. To this day it's not known whether she was under the influence of drugs or if she was suffering under the collapse of a mental breakdown. She was, however, battling depression near the time of her disappearance. Could her mental or emotional state have led to her demise, or did someone prey on this missing woman after she wandered from her apartment?

An autopsy was scheduled to take place no earlier than Tuesday morning, but no recent reports have indicated whether or not this autopsy has taken place. Whether or not this body is identified as Kayelyn Louder, there will be at least some family in the state of Utah getting news they do not want to receive. At the least, a search for a missing person may be at its end, but will questions remain unanswered?

[Photo credit: Missing woman Kayelyn Louder via Examiner]