WWE News: Backstage Update On Triple H And Stephanie McMahon From ‘Raw’

Since last week on Monday Night Raw, the Authority is no longer in power. That ultimately means that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon will no longer be in power. Regardless of their on-camera presence being minimized, they are still in charge backstage.

The McMahons are never ” in the clear” when it comes to backstage controversy. Multiple times over the years have there been power struggles between multiple people. Once again, that has come to light in the past few days. Evidently, they are arguing over which talent to push and that will continuously be a discussion backstage. WWE is a very intelligent company with more than one person heading the creative team.

With each passing day, Stephanie and Triple H gain more power. That is a good and bad thing in the WWE. For starters, when Triple H and Stephanie heard the podcast involving CM Punk and Colt Cabana, they were both furious. In fact, many websites are quoting HHH by saying, “Triple H wants to kill Punk.” According to Wrestling Inc., WWE superstars and others backstage are beginning to walk on eggshells around Stephanie and Triple H.

Reddit user MetsFan4Ever, who has broken several WWE stories in the past, report that the backstage atmosphere at last night’s WWE RAW in Tulsa was “very tense.” WWE employees were reportedly trying to avoid Stephanie McMahon and Triple H because they were furious over CM Punk‘s Art of Wrestling podcast. Apparently there was also a closed-door meeting with Triple H, Stephanie and Vince McMahon.

It’s never a good thing when employees are too apprehensive to interact with the bosses. For those that are very critical of this report, MetsFan4Ever is a very credible source on Reddit. Tense feelings backstage are normal in the WWE, but when the company needs to move forward and continue to progress, these feelings of nervousness must dissipate.

The closed-door meeting was a fantastic idea. Hopefully, Vince was able to get to both of them and try to handle the situation the wise way. Each person has a great deal of authority in the WWE. With their leadership, the WWE will continue to flourish, despite the popular opinion these days.

HHH and Stephanie must get over the CM Punk comments. Whether they were true or not, he didn’t physically harm anybody. All three of them are intelligent business professionals. Clearly, they are smart enough to make the right decisions. Judging by some of the booking last night, I could tell something was up in WWE. Hopefully, that doesn’t continue and become a trend.

[Image via wrestlingnewsreport.com]