West Virginia Shooting Suspect Jody Lee Hunt Found Dead

Jody Lee Hunt, the suspect in a fatal shooting spree that occurred Monday in West Virginia, has been found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

After an hours-long manhunt on Monday, authorities say Hunt was found dead in a vehicle near the Monongalia-Marion County line around 7:45 pm Monday night.

The fourth victim, who was not identified immediately after the shooting, has now been identified as Jody Taylor, age 43. According to WDTV, Taylor was shot on Sweet Pea Lane just before 10 am Monday. Taylor was taken to Ruby Memorial Hospital after the shooting and later died of his injuries.

As previously reported by Inquisitr, Jody Lee Hunt, 39, of Westover, West Virginia, was wanted by police after allegedly shooting and killing four people in three different areas of Monongalia County. The other victims were named earlier in the day as Doug Brady, 45, who operated Doug’s Towing in Westover, where Brady was shot and killed. The bodies of Sharon Kay Berkshire, 39, of Westover, and Michael David Frum, 28, of Maidsville, were found in a home near Cheat Lake outside of Morgantown.

ABC News is reporting that Sharon Berkshire filed a domestic violence case against Hunt last month, although no protective order was in place for Berkshire.

Although police have not yet released any information as to the suspect’s motives or his connection to the victims, Hunt’s Facebook page may offer insight into his motives. According to WAJR, a post made by Hunt on Monday morning indicated he was involved in a tumultuous relationship.

“I poured out my heart to her only to be manipulated as to what I could give her. Life is short. It’s not all games. Don’t play a game with ones heart.”

Hunt went on in his post to indicate, though his actions were not right, he wanted whoever hurt him to pay.


“My actions were not right nor were the actions of those who tried to tear me down and take from me. This was not the plan but a struggle to see that those who strives to hurt me received their fair pay of hurt like I received. You will not hurt me any more. You will not destroy my soul and heart as you tried so hard to do.”

Jody Lee Hunt went on in his Facebook post to thank those who had helped him throughout his life, and asked that someone please find a good home for his dogs.

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[Photo Credit: WVmetronews.com]