The Truth Behind The Nordstrom Black Friday Shooting Revealed

New details have emerged regarding the fatal shooting that happened in a Nordstrom store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. The shooter, Marcus Dee, 31, had a tumultuous history with his victim, the sister of Nadia Ezaldein, 22. On the night of Black Friday, Marcus Dee walked into a Nordstrom store, entered the accessories department, exchanged words with Ezaldein, and then shot her dead. The victim of the Nordstrom shooting was either shot in the head or neck, and the shooter then turned the gun on himself.

A previous report on the Nordstrom shooting from the Inquisitr revealed that Dee had filed for a restraining order against his victim, Ezaldein, for stalking last April. But it seems Dee and Ezaldein’s past goes even deeper than that. According to KFOR, Ezaldein was Dee’s ex-girlfriend, and Marcus Dee allegedly tormented her after they broke up. From there, the relationship only grew worse, eventually culminating with the fatal shooting at Nordstrom.

According to NBC Chicago, court records show that both the Nordstrom shooting victim and the killer sought legal protection from the other at one time. But a Cook County judge dismissed both requests on the day they were filed. Dee claimed that Ezaldein made a series of threats against him, including having him arrested, having him kicked out of the Army, and having a family member kill him. The Nordstrom shooter also claims Ezaldein left him a voicemail message calling him a “dead mother f***er.”

The Nordstrom shooting victim, however, had some accusations of her own. According to court records, Ezaldein said Dee sold drugs and weapons and even threatened to send private photos of her to her father and brother. He too threatened death, as well as spit in her face, called her a whore, and smashed her phone.


The sister of the Nordstrom victim, Nadia, claimed that in March, Dee cracked the Ezaldein’s rib, broke her jaw, ripped her clothes, bruised her lip, and put a gun in her mouth. After Ezaldein threatened to get the cops involved, the Dee threatened to kill himself, which he ultimately did at Nordstrom — but not before taking Ezaldein down with him.

At the time Ezaldein was killed at the Nordstrom store, she was studying law at the University of Chicago, but was not currently enrolled for the fall semester. She was a seasonal employee at Nordstrom to support herself, according to her family. She was killed on her birthday.

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