Ferguson Car Sign: Controversial Ferguson Sign On Car Sparks Outrage, Goes Viral [Photo]

Apparently, one driver is absolutely fed up with the controversial riots and protesting taking place in Ferguson, Michigan. Its been nearly a week since the riots began, and it doesn’t look like things are going to slow down anytime soon. So the driver took the initiative to make a statement. Now the words have gone viral.

On November 29, an image of a car with an interesting sign on its back window was uploaded to Twitter by a user named Callisto1947 and then shared by author Larry Elder via Facebook, reports Mad World News. The user’s timeline is filled with a number of controversial memes and pictures about politics and race relations so the picture of the car sign is quite befitting.

The controversial sign on the car reads, “FERGUSON PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN & GO TO WORK!” Of course, the jaw-dropping image immediately caught the attention of hundreds of users on the social media network.

With over 500 retweets, you can only imagine what users have to say. While some users’ comments were in support of the message, others were outraged and found the message quite offensive. Of course, the Twitter user has also been accused of racism. Based on the other controversial pictures posted to the account, most would wonder is the speculation is true. However, all images are not racially charged.

Some users even questioned why the message on the car was specifically addressed to the city of Ferguson instead of the protestors and rioters since everyone is not responsible for the damage that has been caused. Unfortunately, some individuals are victims who simply cannot go to work due to dangerous conditions and extensive damage to buildings and infrastructure.

Here’s what a few Twitter users had to say:


However, there is one debatable question conservatives have raised — do the protestors actually have jobs? Many wonder how working people can devote so much time to protesting and rioting. Then, the issue of damaged property poses another problem for those who will need to return to work in the coming weeks. So, several media outlets are questioning whether rioters and protestors are actually working Americans or if they are just passionate about the cause, reports Conservative Tribune.

Do you feel the Ferguson car sign is offensive and/or racist? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Twitter]