Justin Bieber’s Dad Vs. Dog Trainer: Inconsistent Story Amid ‘Abandoning’ & ‘Hurling’ Claims

A claim alleging Justin Bieber abandoned a pet puppy called “Karma” with a dog trainer in Canada has a lot of holes in it. Now, that’s complicated by an accusation that the singer’s father, Jeremy, allegedly hurled the dog off a second-story balcony.

However, while noting the seriousness of an abandonment accusation, there are red flags throughout the claims.

It’s bizarre that this secondary “hurling” accusation is not mentioned in The Sun’s original report quoting the trainer. There are also inconsistencies as to why the then pup was sent to the trainer, among other details.

To recap: In December 2013, Justin and, reportedly, Jeremy, bought an American Bulldog pup bred from a breeder from Ruffin’s pet store in Stratford, Ontario.

Justin’s father later asked fans on Twitter to send in name options to find the best moniker for the pet pooch, and even referred to the puppy as his son’s.

However, a source close to Bieber’s team tells the Inquisitr the puppy was always cared for by Jeremy, despite his previous referral to the dog as his son’s for unknown reasons of his own. The insider confirms Jeremy took full-time responsibility for the pet, adding that it was never intended to live with Justin — and never has.

After the singer’s fans helped to name the puppy “Karma,” the animal lived in Canada with Jeremy and his two other young children as original reports in 2013 indicated it would.

Jeremy Bieber And Puppy
(Photo: Jeremy Bieber was reportedly given the puppy “Karma” by his son, Justin, to look after at the family home in December 2013)

Fast forward to now, The Sun claims a Canadian dog trainer, Trevor Dvernichuk, alleges Jeremy brought the pup to him in February to get her ready for life with Justin in America, but never came back to pick her up.

“This is like taking your kid to school and not picking it back up,” the Ontario trainer is said to have told the paper. He also claims he is owed money for the dog’s upkeep and that he repeatedly tried to call the singer.

There is an inconsistency here.

It’s highly doubtful the trainer called or even knew Justin’s numbers, given that the “Baby” singer didn’t take the pup to Dvernichuk in the first place. Logically, Jeremy would be the contact.

The claim about the trainer calling the singer seems to be either The Sun or the trainer’s attempt to integrate Bieber Jr. into a story in which he has a role as the purchaser, but isn’t the caretaker of the puppy.

The second inconsistency is the alleged reason why Jeremy took “Karma” to the trainer.

Unlike The Sun, who claim the trainer said Jeremy wanted “Karma” trained up to take to Justin in the U.S., TMZ reports the dog was being trained to be socialized after the puppy reportedly bit the singer’s little brother, Jaxon, who would then have been 4-years-old.

Since it’s established that the pup “Karma” was never intended to live with Justin but was cared for at his dad’s home, the premise by the trainer — or The Sun — claiming the dog was being trained for the singer and America isn’t credible.

(Photo: “Karma” the puppy)

The third inconsistency is the timing of a new “hurling” accusation by the trainer. It’s a big claim. But it didn’t come up in Dvernichuk’s first story with The Sun.

And that’s odd. It’s not hard to speculate that it’s an embellishment by the trainer in what seems to be an escalating war of words with Jeremy.

In TMZ’s days-later report, the trainer claims Jeremy hurled the puppy off a second-story balcony into a snow bank after the dog allegedly bit Jaxon.

The report then devolved into he said/she said.

It’s claimed Jeremy alleges Trevor stole the dog and is getting the police involved, while the trainer apparently told TMZ, he is now “willing to return” the dog but wants to be paid for its upkeep. Dvernichuk also claims he is worried about “Karma’s” welfare, but it may be that the argument between the two men is over money.

Jeremy took to Twitter on Monday, seemingly slamming the “abandonment” claims.

“It’s so absurd that the media can print stories that are ridiculously untrue. #mediafiction,” he wrote.

Either way, the striking thing about either version of this tale, is just how little Justin Bieber has to do with any of these events.

Trevor Dvernichuk with the now big dog 'Karma'
(Photo: Trevor Dvernichuk with the now big dog ‘Karma’ that he has been looking after for months)
(Photo: Jeremy Bieber, Karma and another dog, with Jaxon in the background)

[Images via WENN/TMZ.]