Justin Bieber Gets Misplaced Blame After Dad Reportedly ‘Abandons’ Puppy ‘Karma’

Justin Bieber has been accused of allegedly “abandoning” a pet puppy called “Karma.”

However, original reports from 2013 — when the bulldog pup was bought by the singer — indicate Justin gave the animal to his father, Jeremy, to care for in Canada as a full-time arrangement.

The Sun newspaper alleges Jeremy asked a Canadian dog trainer, Trevor Dverichuk, to train the puppy in February before he took her to America, but failed to pick her up.

“This is like taking your kid to school and not picking it back up,” the Ontario trainer is said to have told the paper.

Dverichuk is also claiming he has not been paid for the dog’s upkeep and alleges he has tried to call the singer. These claims are allegations only and may not be factual. The dog trainer reportedly took to his Facebook page in September, writing:

“Karma is gonna bite you in your a** biebers.”

Jeremy Bieber And Puppy
(Photo: Jeremy Bieber was reportedly given the puppy "Karma" by his son, Justin, to look after in 2013)

However, unlike Justin’s previously less-than-stellar track record with pets, in this instance it seems the responsibility for the alleged “abandoning” of “Karma” should be appropriately hurled at the person the singer gave the puppy to — namely, his father Jeremy.

Back in December 2013, E! News reported the “Baby” singer bought the then 7-week-old American Bulldog puppy on December 27 at Ruffin’s Pet Centre in Stratford, Ontario, with his family. It was reported the brown and white pup came from a breeder not a puppy mill.

At the time, Ruffin’s told media outlets the Bieber family were regulars at the store and had bought pets from the store before.

Justin’s father later asked fans on Twitter to send in name options to find the best moniker for the pet pooch, and even referred to the puppy as his son’s.

Updated with source:

However, a source close to Bieber’s camp tells the Inquisitr, the puppy was always cared for by Jeremy, despite his previous referral to the dog as his son’s for unknown reasons of his own. The insider confirms Jeremy took full-time responsibility for the pet, adding that it was never intended to live with Justin — and never has.

“So were gona let one lucky #belieber name @justinbieber s new puppy… find out how it can be you,” Bieber senior wrote at the time.

It took less than 24 hours for the winning name, “Karma,” to be selected.

“So we have got a name selected for the newest Bieber,” Jeremy later wrote. “Big thanks to @justinfredos the Belieber who chose it ‘Karma.'”

In an update, Jeremy revealed the pup was a handful. “Karma is a lil biter lol,” he wrote.

However, not one of the 2013 reports suggests Justin intended the puppy to live with him in the U.S. Rather, “Karma” appears to have been bought as a companion for Jeremy, a longtime dog-owner and the singer’s younger brother and sister — Jaxon, 5, and Jazmyn, 7, at the Stratford, Ontario, home Justin bought them.

It appears Bieber junior is being blamed for “abandoning” the pup when Bieber senior — an older adult — assumed care and responsibility for the dog and should have taken care of it. But, it’s his son’s name that draws headlines and has led to the singer being dragged into this latest news story without real cause.

Justin and his father Jeremy at Ruffin's Store in December 2013, where the singer bought the American Bulldog pup for his family
(Photo: Justin and his father Jeremy at Ruffin's Store in December 2013, where the singer bought the American Bulldog pup for his family)

The gorgeous pup “Karma.”

(Photo: "Karma" the puppy)

What doesn’t help is the then teen singer’s history with pets. In December 2012, the star gave away his pet hamster Pac to a random female fan at a Jingle Ball concert after he made her promise that she would “take care of him.” Pac died in that fan’s care in March 2013.

Fast forward to March last year, Bieber’s Capuchin monkey — which was given to him by a producer for his 19th birthday — was seized by German customs at Munich airport, after Justin brought it into the country but could not provide papers and vaccination documents for the monkey.

The singer was given a deadline to claim “Mally” the monkey but let it lapse, after which the Capuchin was taken from a shelter to a wildlife center in Serengeti Park, Hanover. He was later charged thousands for “Mally’s” care.

At the time, after initial criticism, PETA praised Justin for letting “Mally” stay in Germany.

In closing, the seemingly misplaced blame now directed at Justin Bieber for his father’s alleged “abandoning” of the puppy “Karma” seems unfair to say the least.

For Jeremy, who more or less abandoned his then only child less than a year after he was born, it seems history is repeating itself.

(Photo: Justin Bieber and 'Mally' the monkey in 2013. The singer was in possession of the monkey for less than a day

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