'House Of Cards' Season 3 Premiere Date Revealed: When Do The Underwoods Return?

The premiere date for Season 3 of House of Cards has been revealed, and fans are already counting down. When will Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright kick off the new set of episodes? Will Netflix make the full season available all at once as it has done previously?

The good news is that the wait for the new season won't be too much longer. The bad news, however, is that Season 3 of House of Cards is starting a bit later than the first and second seasons did. The 2015 premiere date was revealed via the show's Twitter page, and there was an eerie video, or a motion poster as it is being referenced, included.

The third season of the hit Netflix-exclusive series premieres on February 27, 2015. As Deadline notes, the full 13-episode season will once again be made available all at once. This new season begins later in the month than both Season 1, which premiered on February 1, and Season 2, which hit Netflix on February 14. However, fans are confident that the new episodes will be worth the wait.

Now that the Underwoods have taken over the White House, what can viewers expect? House of Cards is based on a British series, which was based off of a Michael Dobbs novel as well as Shakespeare's Richard III. However, fans shouldn't expect the Netflix series to necessarily closely follow the same path of those previous works in terms of storyline developments, or how long the show ultimately sticks around. This is a show that likes to shock viewers, and there's little doubt that's going to continue.

Frank and Claire have achieved their goal of taking over the White House, but what do they do next? Is Doug Stamper really dead? Is Rachel out of the picture now? Fans will have to wait and ponder those questions, as this show rarely lets much in the way of specific House of Cards spoilers come out.

As Bustle notes, if the Netflix House of Cards series were to follow Shakespeare and the British series, it would likely end after Season 3 and Frank would find himself alienated and isolated. There would even be a stunning death of a key player in the series, depending on how the show chooses to spin the storylines from the original source materials.

Could Frank Underwood or his wife Claire ultimately die in the Netflix version, either in Season 3 or whenever the series ends? It's easy to see how that could be the path the show takes, but it'll be a fun journey along the way to find out. Season 3 of House of Cards hits Netflix with 13 full episodes on February 27, and fans cannot wait to dive in and get some binge-watching done.

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