Cyber Monday Deals 2014: Are Fewer People Shopping In Their Underwear This Year?

Cyber Monday is now in full force, as the deals have begun spewing out onto the internet and people are sitting at home shopping in the comfort of their underwear from their couch. While this has become a growing trend and really boomed in past years, some believe there will be less Cyber Monday shoppers this year.

According to USA Today, store promotions from Best Buy, Walmart, Target, JCPenney, and more are coming earlier and lasting longer. With that being said, people aren’t finding the need to be online on Cyber Monday to shop the so-called “new” deals.

About 127 million people are expected to shop online for Cyber Monday this year, according to the National Retail Federation. Yes, that is a lot, but it’s down from the 131 million who were planning on shopping online in 2013 for the big cyber savings day.

Now, the Press Democrat believes that this year’s Cyber Monday will be the biggest online shopping day of the year, as it has been since 2010. Still, they’re in agreement that this year’s day won’t be as big as it has been.

Many people have been upset at how early the promotions and sales are beginning this year and in recent years. As Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals start trickling further into Thanksgiving Day, people are starting to revolt and even boycott the deals.

A number of retailers have already broken online records this year because they started spending money on the holiday and Cyber Monday sales even began online the weekend before Thanksgiving.

People just love the comfort of shopping at home. They enjoy the convenience of shopping online and having everything brought directly to their door. Cyber Monday brings about deals that save on prices from in-store sales and numerous retailers are offering free shipping as well.

Why wouldn’t you shop?

Some people just think that shopping has taken on life of its own and actually overtaken the lives of others. Looking around at Twitter, Cyber Monday fell on a day of historic prestige, but many seem to have forgotten that.

Whatever the case may be, Cyber Monday is still huge even if you put on some pants today and decided to venture out into the world. Every year, the sales are going to be there, and the deals are going to be made.

[Image via Jenaba Speaks]