‘Small Business Saturday’ No Match For The $2 Trillion ‘Internet Of Things’ Predicted 2019 Industry

A simple Google search for “Small Business Saturday” turns up heart-warming stories that mention how local residents headed off to their neighborhood retailers to show each small business monetary support on Saturday, November 29.

However, the Boston Globe deemed the “Small Business Saturday” support only a pit stop in between the Black Friday frenzied shopping crowds and the Cyber Monday online shopping frantic craziness of December 1.

Although fewer people are expected to shop on Cyber Monday than in previous years, reports USA Today, a quick peek at the What’s Hot list of popular website pages from Alexa.com, an Amazon company, shows that big online retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Toys “R” Us are ruling the roost – perhaps seeing more sales than the brick-and-mortar stores saw on Small Business Saturday, although experts are tossing around estimated figures claiming Thanksgiving weekend sales were down 11.3 percent when compared to previous Small Business Saturday shopping eras.

However, don’t count out specialty web retailers like Newegg or Car Part Kings, the former of which also currently shows up on the list of hot URLs as of this writing, two days after Small Business Saturday has ended. Internet entrepreneurs have discovered that with mobile shopping increasing in spades, it could be well worth it to hire a back office pro to set up an electronic-shop to sell a plethora of devices or specific products that needn’t experience the overhead that a “Small Business Saturday” retailer must endure.

Looking to the future, “Small Business Saturday” could end up being a sweet nostalgic way to throw money at those businesses that keep local neighborhoods thriving Saturday after Saturday, whilst the “Internet of Things” becomes the whopping $2 trillion global market it is predicted to become by 2019, reports Entrepreneur, describing a scenario that’s more lucrative than any “Small Business Saturday” efforts being reported. In a nutshell, the “Internet of Things” means adding advanced computing capability to tons of objects to make the entire exchange of data more efficient for both consumers and business owners.

Nevertheless, support for “Small Business Saturday” is evidenced by all the local news reports being published about the event. Even President Obama got in on the “Small Business Saturday” action by shopping at the Politics and Prose Bookstore nearby the White House on Saturday, as reported by the Inquisitr. Once the final “Small Business Saturday” sales results are tallied and compared to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the real winner will be made clear.

[Image credit: President Obama shops on Small Business Saturday]